Family Domestic Violence isnt just about Physical Abuse


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Abuse isn't always black and blue...verbal, psychological & emotional abuse...Surviving the Narcissist.

Am a bit concerned about posting this since its not often that I write, here. Just a series of things I`ve came to understand more recently externally and internally about “surviving” life.
So..this is my probably not very well written vent.

We (society as a whole) get up in arms when there are reports of children who die at the hands of adults. As we should. Children have a right to be protected from harm, to grow, live, learn, laugh and to become healthy adults.

What about the children who “survive”? Who’s growth [in all senses of the word] is stunted, who’s lives are tainted and who are taught how bad / worthless / undeserving they are?

They might be quiet and studious at school, since it might be their only refuge from harm. They may be further victimised at school. They may never quite…

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