The showdown Family Court Aust VS Domestic violence survivor

On Tuesday the 7th of July 2015 at 10.00 am in courtroom 4b In Melbourne the showdown will begin.

A perpetrator of 12 years of domestic violence who recently assaulted his child again (for third time) is taking Domestic violence surivivor to court for Contempt for not providing her address to the Refuge she stays at and for not providing her mobile phone number. She does not have a mobile phone number as the cyber bullying from the perpetrator made her have it disconnected.

She either gives up the address of other domestic violence survivors staying in the refuge or she is locked up for Contempt of Court.

It will be the battle of the bullies. The Judge in this instance has already bullied and belittled her so another time will just be added to a futher notch in her belt.

The perpetrator is repeat contravention breacher of Family Court Orders, Domestic violence Intervention Orders and still no justice. 72 breaches of Intervention orders including

attempted threats to kill (3) including in front of children (2)

assualt (5)

Economic abuse (6)

Stalking (32)

Fraud regarding economic abuse (5)

Damaging Property owned by Domestic Violence survivor (5)

Providing documentation to third parties without consent (12)

Perjury (4)

At family Court

Contempt of Court (3) Contraventions of family court orders (14)

He has never been charged or investigated for any of these incidents. Family Court refuses to even allow the Contempt of Court and Contraventions to be entertained.

Wheres Justice?

this survivor has 12 years of documentrory evidence of assualts, police invovlement, and abuse both emotionally, psychologically, physically.