Family Court Registrar Bully Mestrovic should be Named and Shamed

At Melbourne Family Court the senior registrar Ms Mestrovic thinks she has been appointed by God. Her claim to fame is reabusing Domestic violence victims on a regular basis. 

On incident whereby she verbally abused and yelled at and demeaned a Domestic violence survivor in front of her abuser was recorded on an iphone and this has been provided to the Royal Commssion into Family Violence. Along with 14 other reports of her horrid behavour, mostly taped on iphones.

Yes under the Survellience Act Vic you can tape conversations you are privy to. You cannot publish them without permission. Yet the Royal Commission has given permission for these recordings to be submitted. Once they are published I will be providing them on this blog.

One incident Mestrovic berated a domestic violence survivor and told her not to report interstate Assaults. Had the victim done so the perpetrator would be locked up in Western Australia now.

Another time, the 28th of April 2015 Mestrovic informed Judge Thornton that an application for an appeal wouldnt win. So Justice Thornton not only informed the Victim of this conversation in the courtroom (have the transcript Mestrovic) Justice Thornton decided not to suspend the current family court orders.

Mestrovic has sent aggressive emails to Domestic Violence Survivors. Her incestuous relationship with the head Family Consultant aptly referred to as Ms Kunt means they think they have more power between them than the full bench of the Family Court.

Mestrovic thinks that her position enables her to bully well it is not. I will be providing copies of transcripts and references to her horrid behaviour weekly.

Mestrovic has received complaints, and her standard answer is sorry, if I did that, but I can’t remember. How lovely.

Oh and don’t be in a hurry to get any justice at the Family Court in Melbourne if you are a survivor of Domestic Violence because this head registrar decides whether applications are deemed important enough or not to warrant a hearing.

Who died and made her God? I am still wondering. She should be removed from her post and sent to the cleaning section of the Court, because her only apparent skill is brushing Family Violence under the carpet.

A disgrace to the legal profession and the Family Court. A disappointment that she is an insensitive female who has no actual idea of the pain and sufferring she is causing children and survivors of Family Violence.