Systematic Legal Abuse by Ignorant Legal Professionals in Family Law

When was the last time you implemented doors in your family law practice? The usual  reply makes reference to the position of the front door of the legal firms office.

Yet in 2012 the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department released a comprehensive guide and handbook that required all facets of Legal professionals to adhere to this Handbook in their work Environment with clients.

(DOORS) Detection of Overall Risk Screen Handbook includes practitioner forms and software packages for free. The Family Law Branch of the Attorney-Generals Department will post a copy to you upon request for free. 

Yet herein lies the issue. Legal Aid Victoria,  does not use this required program. After four years of asking Legal Professionals by telephone and at the Family Court of Australia it appears that neither do they.

I am yet to meet one legal professional who in fact uses this important program. 

The ramifications of Professional Misconduct by Legal practitioners by not implementing this important program will be beacon for a domestic violence survivors class action suit.

As we are all aware “Judicial Discretion” daily in the Family Law Courts is not to be questioned. Yet the misconduct of  members of the Legal Profession is the simplest way of punishment for failing to provide required information to a case. I can picture the Appeal floodgates now.

The self absorbing method of “bums on seats”or “take the clients money and run” sometimes associated to Used Car Salespeople and Estate Agents will now become a dark cloud over the Legal Profession.

This turning point will take on a whole new chapter in Legal History Litigation. Professional Misconduct and renew of cases will be the new Legal Frontier for “no win no fee firms”. How can you not win when your Legal Representative has maliciously denied you “Natural Justice” by not adhering to the required legal guidelines in client assessment and Family Court?

The introductions of the said requirements of (DOORS) came into effect in 2012. The amount of cases with Legal Representation that have been through the factory fodder Family Law System since that date throughout Australia is a number I fear to count.

I am aware who will be counting, your Professional Liability Insurance  Broker and your Firms Payments team.