We have all heard the exciting news that Victoria Police appear to be doing something about family and domestic violence, but I am yet to be convinced. Is it another attempt to please the public and actually still sit on their hands and do nothing?

Let me enlighten you regarding some of the family violence victims I am aware of that have repeatedly reported breaches of their family violence orders to the following stations,

ST KILDA                SOUTH MELBOURNE                 MOORABBIN           CAULFIELD


I will be naming and shaming the corrupt and intolerable behaviour of some of the Victoria Police members that I have evidence of not only re abusing Family Violence Victims, but also doing nothing about reports of Family Violence, Children who have been beaten, and breached Family Violence Orders that were never followed up.

(name and rank of police officer removed), the Station Manager at St Kilda Police wrote an apology to one Family Violence Victim after (name and rank of police officer removed) placed the victim in a room with the perpetrator and verbally abused her for 40 minutes calling her “FUCKING SCORNED WOMAN” and left her inside the room with the perpetrator for five minutes. Her children were outside of the room at St Kilda Station listening to the verbal abuse. This Police member I believe was never reprimanded for this behaviour, nor did he apologise. The victim in question taped the abuse by iphone and provided it to Station Manager (name and rank of police officer removed). It took three months to get an apology, and the apology did not go directly to the victim rather to her Family Violence Worker at the Salvation Army.This occurred in January 2013.

The perpetrator at the time was under investigation for 12 years of physical abuse towards the victim. With all the doctors reports and witnesses, he has never been charged to this day. By the way the same perpetrator has breached his family violence orders over 50 times, and has never been interviewed. The last report to police of 12 breaches was January 2015. At that time (name and rank of police officer removed) from Caulfield Police Station, the then Family Violence Liason Officer, has done nothing about these breaches whatsoever.

In September 2012 at St Kilda Police Station the then Family Violence Liason Officier (name and rank of police officer removed) and i believe (name and rank of police officer removed) had a conference call with a perpetrators barrister and solicitor on the 26th of September 2012 for approximately an hour. This conference call occurred THE DAY AFTER THE VICTIM MADE HER STATEMENT TO VICTORIA POLICE AT THE SAME STATION. This perpetrator has never been charged with any family violence assaults or behaviour, even though there were witnesses (never interviewed but did provide affidavits to Victoria Police) and supporting medical records.

In March 2012 (name and rank of police officer removed)  from St Kilda Police wins the incompetent police officer of the year award. Apart from attending an emergency 000 call, whereby a victim was barricaded in her bedroom with two children, and the perpetrator had punched her in the face and threatened to kill her, he did nothing. He got the perpetrator to leave the house that night (by the way he broke back into the house the next day and the mother fled with her two children). No charges laid, no reports done, oh and the most interesting of all is the 000 call recording went missing. Eventually it was recovered some two years later, but the entry onto the LEAP (Victoria Police database recording events) has an entirely different entry. What is worse was there was a witness, who was never interviewed.

In August 2012, (name and rank of police officer removed) from South Melbourne Police station removed a victim from a family home after she was assaulted by the perpetrator, and left the children in the family home with the perpetrator. Apparently it was easier this way! Oh and the victim got a safety notice issued against her, that in 2014 the perpetrator admitted he had embellished the facts in order to have her removed from the family home. Did the perpetrator ever get charged with perjury about this?

In March 2013,(name and rank of police officer removed) , the Family Violence Liason Officer had a report of ongoing breaches of Family Violence orders, and the perpetrator was never interviewed. In this instance he had threatened to kill the victim in front of the children, had illegally published a number of things against Family Intervention Orders, and had assaulted the Victim whilst getting items from her family home.

In October 2014, the same (name and rank of police officer removed) who by now had moved to South Melbourne as a Family Violence Liason Officer, had a further report of attempted threats to kill and breaches of family Violence Orders, with witnesses. A statement was never taken, and the perpetrator kept re offending without any consequence whatsoever.

(name and rank of police officer removed) from SOCIT Moorabbin, who interviewed a child that had been assaulted by the father whilst in his care (father had history of violence) did not charge him,even though supporting evidence was provided by medical staff. Then the same child was assaulted again six months later, same detective, still no charges (this time the child lost a tooth and had a swollen face). Only just over a week ago the same child was assaulted again. No reporting no charges. This child has special needs. Does the father actually have to kill the child before anything is actually done?

I will keep naming and shaming each week further Victoria Police Members on my blog.

Below this is the new fluffy Victoria Police bulletin about attempting to do anything about Family Violence. I will believe it when I actually see it.

All of these instances have been reported to the Police Integrity Commission, but at this time no outcome has occurred.


  • TUESDAY, 17 MARCH 2015 08:40

I’m pleased to be standing in front of you today as the new Assistant Commissioner of Australia’s first Family Violence Command.

Our command will be dedicated to family violence, sexual assault and child abuse in situations where the perpetrator and the victim know each other.

We will be dedicated to the victims and the survivors of these horrendous crimes. We will put them at the centre of everything we do.

These issues all fall under the umbrella of violence against women and children.

We are all beginning to understand that this violence is far too widespread in our community.

Let me remind you of the facts:

  • Police in Victoria attended 65,000 incidents of family violence last year. If we averaged that it would be one incident ever eight minutes.
  • One in three women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15 (Personal Safety Survey, ABS 2006, 2013).
  • More than 2000 of them were them were adult women were raped or sexually assaulted in Victoria last year.
  • In 85 per cent of cases of rape last year an alleged male offender raped a female. The same was the case in almost 70 per cent of sexual assaults.
  • Almost 4000 children were raped or sexually assaulted in the same time frame. In over 80 per cent of cases the perpetrator was known to the child victim.
  • Not to mention the 22,000 children who were traumatised by being present at family violence incidents.
  • And those are just the ones we know about.

There has been a lot of work done in this space in the last two to three years by support services, government, schools, police, the media and the community.

Whilst many people are beginning to recognise that violence against women and children is characterised by power and control, we still have a long way to go.

As the leader of this command I am making three commitments to the community and to victims:

  • I will speak out as loudly and as often as I can about family violence; recognising that this is a whole of community issue and we can all play a part in preventing future violence.
  • I will prioritise keeping women and children safe – this is the cornerstone of everything we do.
  • I will hold perpetrators accountable and make sure we keep developing the most robust enforcement  methods in this theme.

I’ll follow through with those commitments with the support of a highly skilled and passionate team made up of analysts, advisors, investigators and police.

I will continue the good work of previous commissioners – starting more than a decade ago with Christine Nixon, and continuing more recently with the strong leadership of Ken Lay and A/CCP Tim Cartwright.

We will be looking closely at:

  • Our risk assessments – when we get to an incident, in a very short period of time, we have to determine the risk to the victim and how to act on the risk. Are we doing this to the best of our ability?
  • Education to our members – are we doing enough to ensure all of our members understand what they are dealing with and how to deal with it the best they possibly can?
  • Working with the sector. I recognise how important support services are and how well they understand the needs of the victims.
  • Contributing to the Royal Commission that aims to prevent family violence, improve early intervention, support victims, make perpetrators accountable and improve the way government and society work together.

We recognise that we don’t always know what victims need. We are here to listen and we are here to make real change.

We still want to see an increase in reporting…

Research tells us that some people have experienced eight violence incidents before they report to police.

There are still too many people out there still suffering in silence.

My ultimate aim is to make people feel confident that they can report to police and to firstly feel believed, secondly confident that we will do everything we can to make them safe and thirdly that we will hold perpetrators to account.

Dean McWhirter
Assistant Commissioner, Family Violence Command


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