Domestic family violence and victoria police CORRUPTION TO SUPPORT PERPETRATORS

I am aware Victoria Police is trying to implement programs to assist people in Violent situations to escape Domestic Violence. Lets see if their policies work. You may think I am a sceptic, but I am still seeing perpetrators using Victoria Police members to re abuse victims.

One Family Violence Victim recently was contacted by a South Melbourne member (name and rank deleted) who not only verbally abused her twice, threatened to arrest her to make sure she came to his police station to speak with him.

The victim lived 40 minutes away without transport.

It was the intervention of her Family Violence workers that this did not occur. Apparently the Constable in question had taken the word of the perpetrator, and failed to read the fine print of the Family Violence Intervention Orders, that Family Court Orders over rule Family Violence Orders.

The victim was extremely upset. Considering she is still waiting for Caulfield Police to speak with the same perpetrator regarding breaches of his Family Violence Orders since Christmas 2014. To this day he has not been interviewed. The perpetrator in question also had St Kilda Police for over a year re abuse the victim.

On the LEAP reports (Victoria Police computer reporting system) someone from the general public would call St Kilda Police Station and suggest the children were not being looked after. (This only occurred whilst the children were in the mother’s care.) So at 10.30 pm at night the victim would recieve calls and visits from St Kilda Police checking on the welfare of the children.(who were always in bed asleep).This occurred some 22 times before Family Violence workers intervened and made complaints to Victoria Police about this behaviour. This was 2012/2013.

(name and rank deleted) from St Kilda Police was informed by a perpetrator that he had threatened the mother to return home with the children (after she was assaulted and fled the family home) if she did not he would have her charged with kidnapping. The mother did return with the children reluctantly because she was scared she would be charged with an offence.The Police member(name and rank deleted)  informed the victim that she had spoken to the perpetrator and he should not have done that.

This same Victim and the Police member (name and rank deleted)  who was given photographs of injuries, witnesses to family violence, doctors reports and medical evidence never spoke to any witness or got statements, did not get all of the medical reports, and waited almost a year to inform the victim that Victoria Police would not charge the perpetrator. In the mean time (name and rank deleted) was aware he had threatened to kill the victim in front of the children, of stalking and of other family violence issues. Nothing was done. The victim moved six times in 8 months. This was 2012/2013.

So unless Victoria Police have been enlightened so to speak in the last few years, I find it very difficult to believe that the attitude of members of Victoria Police have changed. More importantly I find the new policies of Victoria Police regarding Family and Domestic Violence seem to coincide with the Royal Commission into Family Violence. A coincidence? I think not. Please tell me how do you change a culture of police overnight? All I know is I would not be reporting any family or domestic violence to St Kilda Police, South Melbourne Police or Caulfield Police BECAUSE NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

I have copies of emails from victims and Victoria Police Members to provide evidence if anyone at Victoria Police is slightly interested. All of these incidents have been reported to the Police Anti Corruption  Commission. The investigation is still pending.


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