What is Violence?

According to my Latin Dictionary VIOLENTA (violence in latin) means

“treat with indignity or violate”

In Australia, violence can mean different things in different states and by different Agencies.

Some states refer to Family Violence as Domestic Violence and this is reflected in their legislation. For example, in New South Wales it is known as Domestic violence, (http://www.domesticviolence.nsw.gov.au) in Victoria it is known as Family Violence and is referenced under the Family Violence Protection Act 2008.

All I know if you google family violence in one window, and you google domestic violence in another window, you get different results. This is my first recommendation to the Family Violence Royal Commission, unifying the whole of Australia and the definition and name of violence.

Any person can be affected by violence. You do not have to be in a Family or Domestic situation. I believe these names associated with violence no longer reflects our community and family diversity. Same sex couples, blended families, children, perpetrators, all do not fit under some peoples idea of Family or is associated with being Domestic.


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